Why Romance?

20 01 2014

This is probably a good question to answer early on in the life of this blog. Why write romance stories?

The first, short answer is, I don’t know. I wasn’t one who grew up on romance. I grew up on mystery books (Hardy Boys anyone?), horror (despite the fact I can’t write it at all) and traditional fantasy that was influenced by Tolkien but alas, never read LoTR. I liked stories that included romance subplots, sure, but I didn’t venture to that section of the bookstores as a budding reader. Yet, I write romance/erotica. Funny how things turn out.

Erotica came from a challenge to see if I could write it. But the romance part, it just developed in my focus on writing characters. The relationships are important to my characters and thus the conflict and overall story. And I like their stories, so that’s why I keep writing it. The stories are what come to me, the characters are ones I care about, and their lives and relationships equal something  I want to see on the page.

But that also means I need to start reading more published romance/erotica works now. In particular, m/m romance and erotica that is published, though sometimes it’s difficult to find good m/m as I like paperback books still but I do have an e-reader.

So that is my vampy, not really answer, in relation to the topic of why write romance. Boys kissing is fun and my characters like doing it. That is why. 😉

No Kiss Blogfest

2 01 2014

Here is my entry for the no kiss blogfest. Check out http://blog.amaliadillin.com/2013/12/the-5th-annual-no-kiss-blogfest.html?showComment=1386910659390#c2773527601633104447 to see the other entries.

My entry is, of course, m/m but I’ll keep it tame since this is supposed to be a non-kiss but boy was that a challenge. The boys like to play. I will warn, there is no erotica elements but I did go with a small bit of BDSM in this one. Taken from my detective playing dominant character who meets a real dominant dungeon master. So, if you dare to venture further… Enjoy!


Malcolm tensed the second the door shut. The solid click of the metal that indicated their seclusion did nothing more than flashed a huge red warning sign in his head. Danger.

The Dungeon Master Jon had lead him away to discuss a matter in private, which held many possible outcomes but most he did not want to face. Without the aid of the temporary submissive he’d gotten to help him infiltrate the club, he struggled to remain calm. How would he know the decorum without guidance? He couldn’t get caught. The stakes were too high.

“Are you enjoying my dungeon…” DM Jon spoke, a question glaring as his words faded at the end.

“Malcolm.” He hoped that saying his name was the right move. If wanting to seem dominant, he had to assert responses and not quibble over the details. Yet one wrong answer could ruin everything he had worked hard to achieve.

“Ah yes, Malcolm. Well, aside from the run in with Butch, are you enjoying your time here?” This time DM Jon had a smile as he spoke. He also stood closer than necessary considering the amount of empty space that existed in the dark room.

Malcolm tried to smile back, though it was hard not to revert his eyes to the ground. The proximity to the natural dominant man made it difficult in the closed quarters but he kept from reverting to responses from his past. “I am enjoying it here so far. You run a well handled dungeon. I am impressed.”

The flattery worked.

“Thank you.” He continued to smile but his stance still held hints of tension. Discussion became dictated by the DM as one would expect in the situation. “While it is good to see a potential new member, as it’s not easy to find the right candidates, I must make a confession. I am not yet certain you are cut out as a Master.”

“Well, I hope that with a little time, I can prove my ability.” Malcolm forced confidence that he didn’t own. Instead, he wished he could be back in the main room and have slave there to help guide his actions. Instead, he had a true Master leaning closer and closer, making it difficult to block the desires that threatened to overpower his need for control. He watched and waited, unsure what move would be made next.

DM Jon didn’t speak but instead stepped in slow movements, moving around Malcolm much like a cat might stalking an unmoving pray. He had the gaze down too of a determined animal dead set on his mark.

When he moved in front of him again, inches away from his face, another battle ensued in Malcolm’s head. He wanted to stare at the floor, unable to handle the intense gaze that the man held, but couldn’t. At the same time, staring right in his eyes, with limited room to breathe, part of him wanted to react. To lean forward and end the distance. He wanted to kiss the man, or more so be kissed by the man standing before him. He ached to have the man take over, rip off his clothes and use his body right there. The need existed and yet, he couldn’t allow that either. He could do nothing and in the end, found his gaze moved down to the floor.

DM Jon took a step to the side, giving a small reprieve before voicing a reaction. “Interesting. You felt the moment but didn’t make a move. You want me, don’t you?”

“Yes.” Malcolm admitted before he could stop his response. He tensed and awaited whatever results came from the test he’d just endured.

“Why didn’t you kiss me then?”

It took a pause, but the real answer came. “No permission.”

A smirk followed. DM Jon then moved, pressing his body against Malcolm’s back as he spoke close to his right ear. “As I thought. Submissive and I bet without an owner. I should rectify that situation.”


And… the end. For now. 😉  Promise there is much more to come some day.

NaNoWriMo; Yes or No

21 10 2013

November is fast approaching and for many that means National Novel Writing Month. While I’ve done it for several years, I haven’t had this blog that long so had to post about the romance exploits on my other ones. Now, however, I have to decide if this year I want to take part and write a romance/erotica story.

I have succeeded with writing 50k in the past with such. In fact, the first year I ever made it to 50,000 words by the end of November was on a romance/erotica novel called “Hellenic Distractions”. The end result is very messy and the novel needs a rewrite, but it gave me a great step forward. It was the first novel length item I had ever finished writing.

Then in 2011, I worked on both a romance/erotica and a YA novel. I got just under 100k on the romance/erotica (crazy right?) and only a bit over 25k on the young adult. I like that romance one too and it needs a smaller rewrite than the first one.

Now the question is… do I work on Thomas/Kyle at long last during November or not? Ideally, I see this as the first novel to publish for the romance stories. However, I need to get a first draft done before any of that can really be considered. I don’t even have a title yet, and I’ve had the idea since 2008, but I do really enjoy writing the characters and have sections of story to draw from. But do I think I can get it and my other novel written in November? Not sure.


Are you taking part in NaNoWriMo?

What is your story about?

Meet the Characters

27 07 2013

I’m introducing a segment I hope to have every couple of months here on the blog. And it’s called: Meet the Characters. One of thing things I’ve enjoyed doing on my blogs over the years has been involving characters either to talk about them or even to let them talk. Readers have liked those aspects in the past and it will be a good addition to this blog.

In the near future look for character posts introducing:
and many others

Until then, have a good week.

Works in Progress

18 07 2013

Guess since I’m doing this blog about my writing I should say a little something about the novels I have going in the m/m Romance and Erotica genres. I have a few going though some I doubt that I will ever try to publish.


Hellenic Distractions (1st draft done, needs rewrite) 51k

Alexander (Alex) has been unlucky in love. His mother pressures him to find the right man to one day marry but he doesn’t want to worry about that yet. Alex is looking for fun in the now and figures that the love will happen later. Deep down, he already lost the one he loved once and doesn’t want to make that mistake again.


Against the Grain (1st draft done, needs rewrite) 90k

When Kevin’s father chooses the woman he married who is only a few years older than him, he gets sent out in the country to live and work in order not to draw negative attention to his father’s company. After a dirt bike accident, he gets left out in a field only to be discovered by a rancher who not only takes him to a hospital but offers him a home when he can’t live by himself. While uncomfortable at first, Kevin soon finds himself at home on the ranch taking care of the cooking, cleaning and helping the rancher’s son with school and dating. Eventually the rancher makes a move on Kevin and despite the struggles they fall in love.


Thomas/Kyle (in progress, need a title) 23k so far

Tired of waiting on his bf of 7 years, Thomas attempts to move on only to find himself in a complicated relationship with a much younger man. Kyle, on the other hand, has never had a relationship before. But from his first experience he can’t imagine finding anyone else, except he doesn’t know how to hold onto what he wants.


Vulnerable (in progress) 32k so far

Lucas discovers death isn’t what he expected when he is assigned a low level demon status in Detroit. It’s cold and boring until he meets someone who understands his discontent. Unknown to him, his new love is an angel who struggles with the temptations of sin from his old life. In a decaying city, two boys get a second chance at the love unaware of the consequences they may face.


I’m also working on a poly story where a guy gets involved with a married couple, and a couple that explore Master/slave relationships. Much more to come in the future.

It Is A Start

27 06 2013

Yep, I am posting about DOMA. I went to bed Tuesday night concerned after the clusterfuck (only word to describe it) in the Texas Senate with some concern over the potential results. But I woke up to good news yesterday much to my relief and can share an image to showcase the result I came upon when I got online.


Image created by Dawn Embers

For the few that didn’t know this: DOMA is the Defense of Marriage Act which was signed in during the Clinton years. Today came down the decision from the U.S. Supreme Court on whether DOMA and Prop 8 (ban on gay marriage, one among many that passed over the past 10 years) were Constitutional.

I knew it wasn’t. Even at age 16, when I found out about it while researching for gay marriage bill in Student Congress at the Junior Statesmen of America program (we had a near unanimous vote back then to allow gay marriage) and knew it wasn’t right. I’d just started studying Con Law back then. Well, over 10 years later, I can say I got to see the Court make the right decision.

This doesn’t mean we can get married everywhere yet but it’s a start. We are on the path to the right direction and it’s good to see. Now there are a couple of states I would like to see in my lifetime allow gay marriage. Let’s keep this movement going.

In celebration, here is a belated wedding story (since I missed the June Romance Writer’s blog hop deadline due to work). This is a newly written scene for a book I have the first draft done but it’s my first finished book so it’s messy. Not sure if it will ever come out of the drawer. Here is the wedding at the end of Hellenic Distraction:


The moment came with the change of the music. One of the many things in the wedding Alex had given in on, unable to deny his mother, the wedding planner, everything she wanted. He had said vows in front of everyone and the result came far closer to a traditional wedding but with enough changes to make it unique. The music that played put his mind to ease, a light classical bit Tyson had chosen.

He took his steps down the aisle, making sure to keep a slow steady pace. Below his feet, small white flower petals remained from his daughter’s role as flower girl. He looked up to see her near the front row, already in the arms of one of her two mothers.

Beyond them, waiting for him, stood Tyson. He looked perfect in the pressed black tux matched with the steel vest and bow tie. When Alex reached the spot at the front of the aisle, they both smiled. It had been a long road but they had made it.

He didn’t hear much of the ceremony. He tried paying attention because it was short, but important. However, Alex couldn’t help but think about the strange path he’d taken to end up somewhere he never thought possible. They had first dated as teenagers, broke up at 18 then the over 10 years of struggled friendship where he’d tried to hide his true feelings. The proposal before they’d even started dating again came second in surprises following the fact he’d said yes without any hesitation.

And there he stood. Lucky enough to marry the man he’d loved for all those years. They could be happy, finally, and he couldn’t wait to say the words that would seal their commitment together. When the time came, he said it without hesitation.

“I do.”

The Kinsey Scale

6 06 2013

This is an interesting topic. I had a friend send me the image and it made me want to do a post. I did also find it amusing that on the image that gay also equals more naked. lol

The strip version of the Kinsey Scale

What is the Kinsey Scale?

The “Kinsey Scale, also known as the Heterosexual-Homosexual Rating Scale, was developed by Alfred Kinsey and his colleagues Wardell Pomeroy and Clyde Martin in 1948, and it was used to account for research findings that show cased a number of people who did not fit into exclusive homosexual or heterosexual categories. The basic premise is that more people fall somewhere between homosexual and heterosexual, just the variance differs. More people have at least a slight attraction (or more) to the same/opposite sex and very few are strictly 100 percent gay or even 100 percent straight.

Link: http://www.kinseyinstitute.org/research/ak-hhscale.html

But how do we use the Kinsey Scale in our writing? That is a good question.


It’s easier to go with one end of the spectrum or the other. The character is either straight or the character is gay. The middle ground takes a little more finesse to show. But at the same time it only takes the occasional comment or action to portray the interest of the character. It can be something as simple as the “straight guy” admitting to a celeb male crush as a norm thing, as in the straight guy who’d consider sex with Brad Pitt or someone else they think is hot. Or it can be the gay guy who enjoys looking at a woman’s cleavage. Sure he might giggle and even point it out (saw a guy do that once with a friend of his at a party, and she had her girlfriend with her) but while looking interests him he doesn’t want to do anything with her dating or otherwise. But that puts them on the scale that isn’t a 0 or a 6.


It’s the small details that count. Since we all have a spectrum of sexuality, it’s okay to explore those different levels in our characters. I plan to do that in the future.


Where do your characters fit on the Kinsey Scale?

Letters Blog Hop

24 05 2013

Hello Romance Fiction Writers and anyone else who finds this post. This is my first blog hop using this blog and I’m excited because I got to write something I had thought about back in high school but haven’t yet gotten to writing the story. Make sure to check out the other Letter entries here: http://romanticfridaywriters.blogspot.com.au/2013/05/inlinkz-sign-up-for-may-challenge.html


Minor disclaimer: While I have a fair amount of books for the research of the era this is set in, they are all in a different state than where I live currently. So, the language may not quite fit the right style needed for the pre-civil war era. So, please forgive any modern terminologies in this piece. I promise if I write the book that will be fixed. It’s also more of a part of a scene and not a whole store in itself.


About the story: Henry and James grew up near each other, families owned nearby plantations, and they were best friends. But James family moved up north when they are still kids and they vowed to each other to maintain friendships and write. No letters ever came to Henry. Then one day his friend returns to the south. At some point during their time building their friendship and more, Henry takes a hint from his mother and makes a discovery.


The Letters


Henry made his way through the halls of the plantation home, wiping sweat off his brow as he moved down the empty hallway. He had enjoyed the time outside, even the hard labor of helping with the field but he couldn’t do it for long and needed a break. Plus, he needed to take the opportunity at hand to search Father’s study while his parents were away visiting the Millers. It would be days but since his mother’s strange request, he couldn’t push down the urge any longer. He needed to know what she meant.


In the room, he wondered for a moment, his hand trailing along the wooden furniture. As strange as it sounded, he’d never been in the room before and by the grime that collected on his hand, the servants weren’t allowed to clean in their either. It belonged to his father and no one else could go in without permission, but his mother had requested he do a chore that required a paper kept in the desk.


The cool air of the dim room helped relieve the stress and heat he’d experienced though deep down he knew little of the struggle he had came from the labor. He did very little work but watching his friends James work out in the field among the slaves his father owned gave him strange feelings. Even the memory of James leaning over and working the cotton, sweat sliding down the back of his neck, gave Henry a sensation jolting through his body. He pushed it away, heading for the desk as instructed.


At first he could note nothing unusual. The desk looked as one could imagine what a man would need to handle the business of owning a plantation. He took a deep breath and went to the drawer he had to, pulling it out part way. He searched but didn’t find anything until he tried to push it back and noticed that it should have gone further back than it did, Pulling the heavy wood drawer out he reached behind and discovered a small pack with twine wrapped around it. Intrigued, he had to pull the pack of paper out to look at its contents. It didn’t look abnormal at first, but then he saw in carefully inked letters his name. Every separate letter cover had his name scrawled on the surface, yet he’d never seen them before in his life. Pulling the first one off the stack, still sitting on the ground, he opened the letter.



Henry, my friend, 

I hope this letter finds you well. I have no way to know if my last two ever made it to their destination but I haven’t given up hope. I take the promise we made that day with all seriousness anyone could pull out in the darkest of times. I am doing well though it is far different in the northern lands than Pa said. We are already down to a mere handful of workers and even those may leave soon. I do miss the adventures we took as kids. Please if this letter finds you, may you return a few words. Until then, I will await and send another letter when I get the chance.




Henry searched through the letters, never finding the first letters that the one he had read mentioned. The rest all had similar tones. They all discussed the general news of the time along with concern over his well being due to the lack of a response and yet the ever enduring hope. Then he got to the last letter.




I don’t know if I should send this. I had vowed to Mother that I had given up but after this last week, I had to try on more time. They tried to find me a wife. I even met the girl and while she had the qualities a man should desire according to Pa but I couldn’t continue past that point. I felt nothing, not what they said I should feel. Instead, as I lay in bed each night, I can’t help but think about you. I wonder what you look like. Do you look like your Pa? Do you have strong hands from working the grounds? It gives me strange sensations and I have decided to keep my promise. Soon I will return to my home land. While I am happy up North and even understand the reasons for the unsettled disputes over the slaves, I can’t help but know I left something behind, something I won’t get back until I have returned. I don’t know when it will be or if you will even recognize the dark haired boy that chased you up a tree once. Until then, my best wishes for your health and happiness,




Clutching the letters, Henry remained stunned. He didn’t know how to respond to the letters he’d wished would come and the realization that they had been hidden from him both hit at once. The fact that James felt the same things he had started to feel watching him touched the surface of his mind but he couldn’t latch on to any thought for long. He clutched the letters to his chest, wishing he could take them with him when he left the room, but he couldn’t. He had to put them away back in the hidden spot and hope one day to return to retrieve them.


16 05 2013

As one can imagine, the first post on a blog is a hard topic and yet the easiest to pick at the same time because one can either jump off into their blogs topic or do an introduction. Like so many others, I am going with the introduction.


My name is AD Wilson. I am a writer of GLBT fiction, namely romance and erotica. While I am not published yet, I have plans for the future that include short fiction along with novellas and novels. M/M is the main set of characters in my stories thought I like to test my abilities and shake things up on occasion throwing in F/F, Trans, and even a rare M/F into the mix.


My writing style is character based. That is my focus, the characters. I don’t do a lot in the way of description, yet one of my romance/erotica novels is 99,000 words. I tend to write long pieces and do write other genres under a pen name so the novel is my favorite, but I am trying flash fiction and short stories, which are a challenge to me. No matter the length though, the characters are what stand out. I love it when someone can say they loved the characters and how real they came across. I’ve even had someone say he had a crush on one of the characters, which is one of the best praises ever.

The target audience for most my work, the M/M, is gay and bisexual men with women as a secondary audience. I know women are the top audience for romance in general and even for M/M erotica but at the same time, which is why I recognize them as an important audience, but I also write for those that can relate to the characters and fall in love with them.


I can also be found on Goodreads under the name Ad Wilson. Open to friends and learning about more GLBT books to read.  Did I miss anything? hmmm


Oh right, I like long walks in the mountains, reading a good book and the well used cliche. 😉  Welcome to my blog and thank you for following for anyone brave enough to do so. I look forward to years of blogging and writing.

Userpage icon for either supporting equal righ...

Userpage icon for either supporting equal rights for non-heteroseuxals, or is GLBT. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)