No Kiss Blogfest

2 01 2014

Here is my entry for the no kiss blogfest. Check out to see the other entries.

My entry is, of course, m/m but I’ll keep it tame since this is supposed to be a non-kiss but boy was that a challenge. The boys like to play. I will warn, there is no erotica elements but I did go with a small bit of BDSM in this one. Taken from my detective playing dominant character who meets a real dominant dungeon master. So, if you dare to venture further… Enjoy!


Malcolm tensed the second the door shut. The solid click of the metal that indicated their seclusion did nothing more than flashed a huge red warning sign in his head. Danger.

The Dungeon Master Jon had lead him away to discuss a matter in private, which held many possible outcomes but most he did not want to face. Without the aid of the temporary submissive he’d gotten to help him infiltrate the club, he struggled to remain calm. How would he know the decorum without guidance? He couldn’t get caught. The stakes were too high.

“Are you enjoying my dungeon…” DM Jon spoke, a question glaring as his words faded at the end.

“Malcolm.” He hoped that saying his name was the right move. If wanting to seem dominant, he had to assert responses and not quibble over the details. Yet one wrong answer could ruin everything he had worked hard to achieve.

“Ah yes, Malcolm. Well, aside from the run in with Butch, are you enjoying your time here?” This time DM Jon had a smile as he spoke. He also stood closer than necessary considering the amount of empty space that existed in the dark room.

Malcolm tried to smile back, though it was hard not to revert his eyes to the ground. The proximity to the natural dominant man made it difficult in the closed quarters but he kept from reverting to responses from his past. “I am enjoying it here so far. You run a well handled dungeon. I am impressed.”

The flattery worked.

“Thank you.” He continued to smile but his stance still held hints of tension. Discussion became dictated by the DM as one would expect in the situation. “While it is good to see a potential new member, as it’s not easy to find the right candidates, I must make a confession. I am not yet certain you are cut out as a Master.”

“Well, I hope that with a little time, I can prove my ability.” Malcolm forced confidence that he didn’t own. Instead, he wished he could be back in the main room and have slave there to help guide his actions. Instead, he had a true Master leaning closer and closer, making it difficult to block the desires that threatened to overpower his need for control. He watched and waited, unsure what move would be made next.

DM Jon didn’t speak but instead stepped in slow movements, moving around Malcolm much like a cat might stalking an unmoving pray. He had the gaze down too of a determined animal dead set on his mark.

When he moved in front of him again, inches away from his face, another battle ensued in Malcolm’s head. He wanted to stare at the floor, unable to handle the intense gaze that the man held, but couldn’t. At the same time, staring right in his eyes, with limited room to breathe, part of him wanted to react. To lean forward and end the distance. He wanted to kiss the man, or more so be kissed by the man standing before him. He ached to have the man take over, rip off his clothes and use his body right there. The need existed and yet, he couldn’t allow that either. He could do nothing and in the end, found his gaze moved down to the floor.

DM Jon took a step to the side, giving a small reprieve before voicing a reaction. “Interesting. You felt the moment but didn’t make a move. You want me, don’t you?”

“Yes.” Malcolm admitted before he could stop his response. He tensed and awaited whatever results came from the test he’d just endured.

“Why didn’t you kiss me then?”

It took a pause, but the real answer came. “No permission.”

A smirk followed. DM Jon then moved, pressing his body against Malcolm’s back as he spoke close to his right ear. “As I thought. Submissive and I bet without an owner. I should rectify that situation.”


And… the end. For now. 😉  Promise there is much more to come some day.




8 responses

2 01 2014
Amalia Dillin

I really like the way you used the no-kiss in this scene! I love the idea of it as a test! Thanks for sharing and being part of the blogfest!

3 01 2014

Thanks. It was fun to write. I’ve done a couple scenes with them so far and it gets well received. The test turned out better than anticipated.

2 01 2014
Mia Hayson

I love your take on the no kiss! I’m intrigued! ❤

3 01 2014

Thank you for the nice comment. Always good when a scene interests a reader.

3 01 2014

I love the tension of the moment. Really nicely worked out, and that’s hard to do without any touching. Great post!

3 01 2014

Thank you. It was tough as Jon prefers a more hands on approach but it worked out.

3 01 2014
Ann Marie Gamble (@amgamble)

Nice glimpse: they’ve both got internal thoughts that conflict with what they present. That could escalate to a delicious place!

4 01 2014
Elise Forier Edie

Whew! This gave me goosebumps. Well done.

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