Why Romance?

20 01 2014

This is probably a good question to answer early on in the life of this blog. Why write romance stories?

The first, short answer is, I don’t know. I wasn’t one who grew up on romance. I grew up on mystery books (Hardy Boys anyone?), horror (despite the fact I can’t write it at all) and traditional fantasy that was influenced by Tolkien but alas, never read LoTR. I liked stories that included romance subplots, sure, but I didn’t venture to that section of the bookstores as a budding reader. Yet, I write romance/erotica. Funny how things turn out.

Erotica came from a challenge to see if I could write it. But the romance part, it just developed in my focus on writing characters. The relationships are important to my characters and thus the conflict and overall story. And I like their stories, so that’s why I keep writing it. The stories are what come to me, the characters are ones I care about, and their lives and relationships equal something  I want to see on the page.

But that also means I need to start reading more published romance/erotica works now. In particular, m/m romance and erotica that is published, though sometimes it’s difficult to find good m/m as I like paperback books still but I do have an e-reader.

So that is my vampy, not really answer, in relation to the topic of why write romance. Boys kissing is fun and my characters like doing it. That is why. đŸ˜‰