NaNoWriMo; Yes or No

21 10 2013

November is fast approaching and for many that means National Novel Writing Month. While I’ve done it for several years, I haven’t had this blog that long so had to post about the romance exploits on my other ones. Now, however, I have to decide if this year I want to take part and write a romance/erotica story.

I have succeeded with writing 50k in the past with such. In fact, the first year I ever made it to 50,000 words by the end of November was on a romance/erotica novel called “Hellenic Distractions”. The end result is very messy and the novel needs a rewrite, but it gave me a great step forward. It was the first novel length item I had ever finished writing.

Then in 2011, I worked on both a romance/erotica and a YA novel. I got just under 100k on the romance/erotica (crazy right?) and only a bit over 25k on the young adult. I like that romance one too and it needs a smaller rewrite than the first one.

Now the question is… do I work on Thomas/Kyle at long last during November or not? Ideally, I see this as the first novel to publish for the romance stories. However, I need to get a first draft done before any of that can really be considered. I don’t even have a title yet, and I’ve had the idea since 2008, but I do really enjoy writing the characters and have sections of story to draw from. But do I think I can get it and my other novel written in November? Not sure.


Are you taking part in NaNoWriMo?

What is your story about?