Meet the Characters

27 07 2013

I’m introducing a segment I hope to have every couple of months here on the blog. And it’s called: Meet the Characters. One of thing things I’ve enjoyed doing on my blogs over the years has been involving characters either to talk about them or even to let them talk. Readers have liked those aspects in the past and it will be a good addition to this blog.

In the near future look for character posts introducing:
and many others

Until then, have a good week.


Works in Progress

18 07 2013

Guess since I’m doing this blog about my writing I should say a little something about the novels I have going in the m/m Romance and Erotica genres. I have a few going though some I doubt that I will ever try to publish.


Hellenic Distractions (1st draft done, needs rewrite) 51k

Alexander (Alex) has been unlucky in love. His mother pressures him to find the right man to one day marry but he doesn’t want to worry about that yet. Alex is looking for fun in the now and figures that the love will happen later. Deep down, he already lost the one he loved once and doesn’t want to make that mistake again.


Against the Grain (1st draft done, needs rewrite) 90k

When Kevin’s father chooses the woman he married who is only a few years older than him, he gets sent out in the country to live and work in order not to draw negative attention to his father’s company. After a dirt bike accident, he gets left out in a field only to be discovered by a rancher who not only takes him to a hospital but offers him a home when he can’t live by himself. While uncomfortable at first, Kevin soon finds himself at home on the ranch taking care of the cooking, cleaning and helping the rancher’s son with school and dating. Eventually the rancher makes a move on Kevin and despite the struggles they fall in love.


Thomas/Kyle (in progress, need a title) 23k so far

Tired of waiting on his bf of 7 years, Thomas attempts to move on only to find himself in a complicated relationship with a much younger man. Kyle, on the other hand, has never had a relationship before. But from his first experience he can’t imagine finding anyone else, except he doesn’t know how to hold onto what he wants.


Vulnerable (in progress) 32k so far

Lucas discovers death isn’t what he expected when he is assigned a low level demon status in Detroit. It’s cold and boring until he meets someone who understands his discontent. Unknown to him, his new love is an angel who struggles with the temptations of sin from his old life. In a decaying city, two boys get a second chance at the love unaware of the consequences they may face.


I’m also working on a poly story where a guy gets involved with a married couple, and a couple that explore Master/slave relationships. Much more to come in the future.


16 05 2013

As one can imagine, the first post on a blog is a hard topic and yet the easiest to pick at the same time because one can either jump off into their blogs topic or do an introduction. Like so many others, I am going with the introduction.


My name is AD Wilson. I am a writer of GLBT fiction, namely romance and erotica. While I am not published yet, I have plans for the future that include short fiction along with novellas and novels. M/M is the main set of characters in my stories thought I like to test my abilities and shake things up on occasion throwing in F/F, Trans, and even a rare M/F into the mix.


My writing style is character based. That is my focus, the characters. I don’t do a lot in the way of description, yet one of my romance/erotica novels is 99,000 words. I tend to write long pieces and do write other genres under a pen name so the novel is my favorite, but I am trying flash fiction and short stories, which are a challenge to me. No matter the length though, the characters are what stand out. I love it when someone can say they loved the characters and how real they came across. I’ve even had someone say he had a crush on one of the characters, which is one of the best praises ever.

The target audience for most my work, the M/M, is gay and bisexual men with women as a secondary audience. I know women are the top audience for romance in general and even for M/M erotica but at the same time, which is why I recognize them as an important audience, but I also write for those that can relate to the characters and fall in love with them.


I can also be found on Goodreads under the name Ad Wilson. Open to friends and learning about more GLBT books to read.  Did I miss anything? hmmm


Oh right, I like long walks in the mountains, reading a good book and the well used cliche. 😉  Welcome to my blog and thank you for following for anyone brave enough to do so. I look forward to years of blogging and writing.

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