16 05 2013

As one can imagine, the first post on a blog is a hard topic and yet the easiest to pick at the same time because one can either jump off into their blogs topic or do an introduction. Like so many others, I am going with the introduction.


My name is AD Wilson. I am a writer of GLBT fiction, namely romance and erotica. While I am not published yet, I have plans for the future that include short fiction along with novellas and novels. M/M is the main set of characters in my stories thought I like to test my abilities and shake things up on occasion throwing in F/F, Trans, and even a rare M/F into the mix.


My writing style is character based. That is my focus, the characters. I don’t do a lot in the way of description, yet one of my romance/erotica novels is 99,000 words. I tend to write long pieces and do write other genres under a pen name so the novel is my favorite, but I am trying flash fiction and short stories, which are a challenge to me. No matter the length though, the characters are what stand out. I love it when someone can say they loved the characters and how real they came across. I’ve even had someone say he had a crush on one of the characters, which is one of the best praises ever.

The target audience for most my work, the M/M, is gay and bisexual men with women as a secondary audience. I know women are the top audience for romance in general and even for M/M erotica but at the same time, which is why I recognize them as an important audience, but I also write for those that can relate to the characters and fall in love with them.


I can also be found on Goodreads under the name Ad Wilson. Open to friends and learning about more GLBT books to read.  Did I miss anything? hmmm


Oh right, I like long walks in the mountains, reading a good book and the well used cliche. 😉  Welcome to my blog and thank you for following for anyone brave enough to do so. I look forward to years of blogging and writing.

Userpage icon for either supporting equal righ...

Userpage icon for either supporting equal rights for non-heteroseuxals, or is GLBT. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)




3 responses

19 05 2013
Donna Hole

Hello AD, nice to meet you.

27 05 2013
Michael Di Gesu (@DAK86)

Hi, Ad,

I think this piece has real heart. The reality of the situation, especially at this time in history, is so tabu and how you have written it, shows tenderness, innocence, and a basic passion for affection. Poor James. No ever knowing if he was rejected or not. Yet he kept on writing.

And a mother’s love that is so strong, wanting her child to know and to live the life that would make him happy.

This can easily be written into a novella. Look at Brokeback Mountain. But your delicate and subtle style may give this story a somewhat less tragic end.

Well done.

Thank you for sharing your work with us as well as a part of you.

28 05 2013

Michael Di Gesu, thank you for the very nice comment on my scene. I do hope to write the full story one day. I am glad that I could do it justice enough for readers and am glad you enjoyed the story.

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